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  • I remeber making chainmail on this old beat up car that mark the drummer from fasterpussy cats wife nelsha sold me and my girl friend at the time tellin me about curt being dead and feelin bad cause a...
  • The first time I heard Nevermind was after me abd my girlfriend made love on her couch. She hopped in the shower, and I was left surprised by Endless Nameless. She was right... It did sound like ghost...
  • Nirvana fer life!!!!!! RIP Kurt~
  • este album , significo un antes y un despues en la historia de la musica y la historia del rock , jamas vi y creo que no volvere a ver otro disco similiar ,nirvana marco la vida de muchas personas de ...
  • school , sliver
  • Nirvana's Nevermind changed my life growing up back in the early 90's! Before Nirvana, I was mainly listening to Beatles and Stones through my mom. With Nirvana and other great 90's rock bands like Pe...
  • Nevermind é o melhor álbum dos anos 90, um dos 10 melhores de todos os tenpos e o meu preferido. É simplesmente uma obra-prima do rock mundial.
  • 'Nevermind' é um marco para o rock mundial, e para minha vida também. 'Smells Like Teen Spirit" foi o hino da minha adolescência e 'Nevermind ' é o álbum mais ouvido por mim. Queria só dizer mui...
  • nevermind is my first rock album. they are change my spirit until now
  • Nirvana was a part of my life. I borned in 1993 and just a child when Kurt died. But, anyways, they were a important party of my teenage 15 years later the end! About a girl, Come as you are, in bloom...
  • here is a piece I published about what Nevermind means to me:
  • I was born the year 'Nevermind' was released. Never the less, living with 3 older and very angsty teen siblings, I have no recollection of hearing anything but this amazing album... Did 'Nevermind' e...
  • Che bello ricevere Nevermind come regalo di Natale, è davvero un capolavoro questo album!
  • I remember seeing Nirvana on MTV when I was about nine. I didn't hear the entire album until 1999. The best grunge band hands down. So much emotion, and depth. Come as you are is my favorite song. My ...
  • Nevermind made me who I am today. Nirvana is the band that made me love rock music. I am forever grateful for this album and this band. R.I.P. Kurt.
  • terus terang album ini membuatku berpaling dari gemuruh death metal di awal tahun 90-an
  • A genialidade é presente em poucas, ...kurt Cobain foi agraciado com ela e por ele..todos vivemos nela atraves do nevermind!
  • The album, Nevermind, has the kind of music that gets into your head and tears it to pieces. It's pure ecstasy!
  • Nevermind change my life and its music is very favorite song is Drain You believe it or not!
  • Nevermind is the pure definition of music. It's what it's all about. Enough said.
  • O Nevermind o album de uma grande banda , grandes musicos , isso é um grande mito ! Para sempre NIRVANA
  • I love Nirvana
  • comprei o último cd do nevermind que tinha na loja, com a capa quebrada ainda por cima, nos eua, e escutá-lo foi uma das primeiras coisas que fiz quando cheguei no brasil. pra mim não tem essa dif...
  • O 'Nevermind' foi disco que mais ouvi na adolescênci..! Afinal foi o último grito do rock'nroll, grunge e protesto em forma de música pra o mundo!.. o Brasil ama o Nirvana!
  • there is no nirvana "Smells Like Teen Spirit"!!!
  • my absolute favourite album!! Nevermind Forever!! RIP Nirvana!!!
  • I remember the first time I heard Smells Like Teen Spirit It was something that was magical and remains the best song of nirvana
  • Nunca olvidare la primera vez que escuche este álbum, sacare mi vieja camisa de franela y celebrare junto con los que estuvieron conmigo en esta gran época grunge. Gracias Kurt
  • I remember when I first listened to a Nirvana's song, which had been exactly "Lithium" on Nevermind... I remember not being very much into "heavier" rock songs at the time. My cups of tea used to be B...





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